Security is a Holistic Proposition

Gorka Sadowski

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Are we growing immune to bad news about security breach? I sure hope not, although it's hard to keep up with all of them. Did you read about the Blippy Data Breach at http://bit.ly/cyR5aU? You know, Blippy, that up-and-coming startup that allowed very sensitive information to leak out and then tried to downplay the incident. Not good.  And when their users fled and tried to cancel service, their canceling service went down.  Oops... Blippy should have known better, too... their business model is based on manipulating very sensitive data - including credit card information. And their value proposition is based on being the custodian of their clients' very personal data. So for such a company, risk is very high. It is very high based on the nature of the data manipulated, and also very high based on the volatility of Trust that their clients put in them. Lose data, a... (more)

Log for Better Clouds - Part 8: Cloud Portability

Cloud Portability. (In the context of Logs of course!!) So the honeymoon is over. The Cloud Provider that you so carefully selected is not performing like you expected and you are eying the competition.  You might even be considering re-insourcing back some of your IT services. So what happens to all the logs? As a customer, can you Trust that your Provider(s) will not let you down and mess with your logs? Well, first off, whose logs are they?  Are they the Provider's logs because they are logs generated by their physical equipment, or are these your logs because they trace your... (more)

Why Rule-Based Log Correlation Is Almost a Good Idea...

Rule-based log correlation is almost a good idea. It sounds like a good idea, it appears to be a good idea and many people will tell you it's a good idea, but in fact it is not. Rule-based log correlation is very complex, limited in use and applicability, and boasts a terrible ROI. It will give you a false sense of security, which is a bad thing. We'll look at the reasons why this is not a good idea, and some ways to augment the use of logs to improve your security through pragmatic Risk Management. History of Logs What is rule-based log correlation and how did it come about? Ru... (more)

Fraud Detection, Financial Industry and E-Commerce | Part 2

First-party fraud involves fraudsters who apply for credit cards, loans, overdrafts and unsecured banking credit lines with no intention of paying them back. It is a serious problem for banking institutions. U.S. banks lose tens of billions of dollars every year (1) to first-party fraud, which is estimated account for as much as one-quarter or more of total consumer credit charge-offs in the United States (2). It is further estimated that 10%-20% of unsecured bad debt at leading US and European banks is misclassified, and is actually first-party fraud (3). Contrary to third-part... (more)

Unleashing The Power of Logs

This article discusses some of the main defensive security solutions used today and explains the reasons why employing a Log Management and Intelligence solution is critical to complement these protection methods. Let's first look at the most common defensive security solutions that have been popular these past few years. This is not an exhaustive list of all existing technologies, but rather a high-level view of some of the prevalent ones. 1.       Anti-virus 2.       Firewalls/VPN 3.       IDS/IPS 4.       Anti-Trojan/worms 5.       Anti-Spyware 6.       SIEMs These corresp... (more)