Security is a Holistic Proposition

Gorka Sadowski

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Banks and Insurance companies lose billions of dollars every year to fraud. Traditional methods of fraud detection play an important role in minimizing these losses. However increasingly sophisticated fraudsters have developed a variety of ways to elude discovery, both by working together and by leveraging various other means of constructing false identities. Graph databases offer new methods of uncovering fraud rings and other sophisticated scams with a high-level of accuracy, and are capable of stopping advanced fraud scenarios in real-time. While no fraud prevention measures can ever be perfect, significant opportunity for improvement can be achieved by looking beyond the individual data points, to the connections that link them. Oftentimes these connections go unnoticed until it is too late- something that is unfortunate, as these connections oftentimes hold the... (more)

Kneber: Another Bot Attack

Another hack attack hits the headlines http://tinyurl.com/yebvj8p Big deal. This stuff happens every day now right?  Wrong. Not on this scale it doesn’t. The Kneber Bot has penetrated 75,000 systems, 2,500 companies across in 196 countries.  This is not a straightforward Trojan - a simple smash and grab. This one’s a game changer. Systems compromised by this botnet provide the attackers with not only user credentials and confidential information, but remote access inside the compromised network.  Just some of the data stolen includes: 68,000 corporate log-in credentials Access to ... (more)

Preventive Security Through Behavior Modification - Part 4

Last week we saw that a proper Log Management tool is a powerful tool to catch the bad guys. Advertise your use of such a tool and you will send a clear signal to would-be attackers that they will be caught, which will act as a powerful deterrent, and curb bad behaviors. A 2004 study from Ibas, a computer forensics firm, conducted on 400 UK businesses showed that "69.6% of business professionals have stolen some form of corporate IP from their employer when leaving a job." I simply cannot believe that 69.6% of the people are "bad guys," responsible for a trillion dollar worldwid... (more)

Logs for PCI-DSS in Virtualized Environments

The PCI Council just released last month (June 2011) a document on PCI Compliance in Virtualized Environments...  entitled "PCI DSS Virtualization Guidelines" available at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/.../Virtualization_InfoSupp_v2.pdf This is an interesting development because it confirms the evolution trend in how specific and granular PCI-DSS is becoming, from the early version of PCI-DSS' Best Practices to these new set of guidelines, the requirements are getting more precise. Virtual Environments are becoming a reality, even in Financial Institutions, and this is f... (more)

Why Rule-Based Log Correlation Is Almost a Good Idea - Part 2

Rule-based log correlation is based on modeling attack scenarios Back to the visibility aspect. "By managing all your logs you get universal visibility in everything that is happening in your IT infrastructure." Yes, this is a true statement. But to tell that you can easily flag security attacks using rule-based correlation is a major overstatement. Rule-based correlation essentially automates the "If this is happening here" and "That is happening there" then "We have a problem." More precisely, "If this precise event is taking place at this particular time in this specific device... (more)